My name is Todd Hebert also known as “Shark Man”. I got my name from groups of people and their children that would see me fishing for sharks almost 24×7 at campgrounds throughout the Florida Keys. I have become very dedicated to land based shark fishing and it has surely paid off but as you will learn as I begin to share my stories and experiences that shark fishing takes a LOT of trial and error and most of all patience.

   The reward however in catching and landing a 200 plus pound monster is something very few get to experience as I have and I want to share those experiences with you. If you have meet me in your travels or maybe just stumbled onto this page by browsing be sure to join The Florida Shark Man Facebook group to keep up with my latest travels or just to check in on me as my adventures continue. Also take your time to visit the blog section for some helpful articles that may help you in your Sharky adventures.

  I have been having so many ask what I use for equipment and where to purchase so I have created some links in the menu so you can shop for your shark fishing supplies easily. Each day I plan on adding more items that I find useful on your shark fishing adventures. You do not need all of these items and are free to experiment with some of your own these are just some basics that have worked for me and will hopefully work for you as well.  If you also have some things that have worked for you please feel free to tag me on our Facebook group below and i will gladly get them added. Also if you are a shark fisherman or woman I would love to have you share your stories or techniques for all of the readers to see. The more information we have the better everyones shark fishing experiences will be.


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